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T H E   E M P A T H Y   E X E R C I S E



While in search of reciprocity within the context of Insurance, the idea of the Empathy Exercise arose; a tool to gain insight into the emotional layer of human interactions. 

It helps visualizing and understanding a deeper layer of an interaction and by doing the exercise you practice how to engage in a more profound and constructive dialogue. 


I think that by granting ourselves and each other more focused attention, we create social and psychological value. Not only to the products and services we provide, but to our overall experience as interacting and connecting human beings. 


The development of the Empathy Exercise project will proceed in collaboration with Achmea Schade in the months to come.

While learning about the origins of insurance and philosophizing about it's current function of it on a societal, psychological and practical level, it became clear to me that the search of reciprocity was an important one. And not only for a company like Achmea, but for all interactions and relations we acquire in both our work and private lives. 


Within the time-frame given, I worked with a group of Achmea employees, discussing attention and reciprocity and fine tuning the tool I designed upon the model of emotions created by dr. Paul Ekman. With it you can trace back triggers, intentions and emotions and gain more insight into your own behavior and that of others. 

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