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T H O U G H T S  O F  D E P R E S S I O N 

T H E  M I N D B R O W S E R

When someone close to you goes through an episode, you only see bits and pieces of the thoughts and logic that come with this disorder. It becomes hard to understand their actions and reactions and can leave you feeling guilty for not understanding or powerless for not knowing how to help them. The MindBrowser is a concept for a digital tool that takes you into the reality of someone with depression. Thoughts are abstracted into words to show a train of thought as it could appear in the mind of a depressed person. Additionally there is explanatory text on the type of depression and how to cope as an outsider.The illustrated thoughts are co-created with people who have dealt with depression themselves, they offer insight in the self-reinforcing reality that is experienced during an episode. The MindBrowser can help create a bigger understanding towards depression for people who are unfamiliar with these feelings. It is meant to help make different choices in communication and a difficult time a bit more intelligible. 

The Conversations (in dutch) - Unknown Artist
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