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T R A N S F E R E N C E  O F  C R A F T

R E S E A R C H 

Photografy by Ron Krielen

Research by Gosia Pawlak & Kim Haagen

Text and Grapical layout by Kim Haagen


Together with Ron Krielen and Gosia Pawlak we conducted research on how a craft is being transferred from teacher to student and from master to apprentice.


Our research started in the Netherlands and consisted both out of desk and field research. Soon we learned the different opinions on what a craft  is and the different thoughts on the way it is best passed on from craftsman to novice.  

December 2011 we spend some time in Istanbul where we collaborated with students of Kadir Has University. We focused our research on the ‘master - apprentice’ way of learning, a method which has already vanished in the Netherlands but still exists in this form in Turkey.

We soon found craftsmen that are also having a hard time surviving in Turkey and the question rose on the role of craft in today's society and the value it still possesses. 


The first version of our book was presented in the Design Huis in Eindhoven in March 2012.


In the summer of 2012 I was asked to re-write and redesign the book for an exhibition at the Kadir Has University in Istanbul that was on during the Biennale of 2012. 

Beneath this text is the link to that book, in which the course of our research and the resulting thoughts are described.

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